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I have a deep commitment to the fundamental principle of do what is right. I was raised in a family of 8 children on a teachers salary, so with having to share a life with a large family, I was always taught to think of others and their needs along with mine. As the Utah County Clerk, I am committed to doing what You, the Public, wants and needs, not what I want above your needs. You're my boss. 

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My three degrees of glory: 

  • Bachelor of  Accountancy
  • Master of Accounting, Information Systems Emphasis
  • Master of Business Administration, Finance Emphasis

After the glory was over: 

  • PriceWaterhouse, Management Consulting
  • Delante Services LLC, Database Consulting
  • Belmont Homes LLC, Custom Home Builder
  • Lula's Chocolates LLC, Chocolate Business Owner
  • Delante Team, Real Estate Consultant
  • Dad of family of six, two sons and two daughters and one son-in-law (far right with my daughter). Recently added another son-in-law, but he's not in the picture.

Position on issues

Voting Issues

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Universal Mail-in Ballots

Universal mail-in ballots is the voting process where every “individual” that is on the active voter roll list receives a ballot whether that individual is a valid voter or not. The hope is that the voter roll is kept up to date and accurate. Based on reports I’ve been receiving from many voters, and the excess ballots they have been receiving at their home address, I would venture to say, the voter roll is nether up to date nor accurate. When I am elected, my number one mission will be to clean up the voter roll. See my education background above to know I have the qualification to know how to conduct this clean up. I will personally conduct and oversee this effort with the help of the Clerk's staff.

Currently, the process of universal mail-in ballots is conducted according to Utah state statute, therefore, it is required by law that each active voter receive a ballot in the mail. I will not abolish this process, that would be against established law. That being said, I believe that voting in person is the most secure way of voting, but since each county in Utah is mandated to use the mail-in process, I will do everything possible to make sure it is conducted legally and efficiently, and maintain voter integrity by involving more voters in the oversight of the election process and being completely transparent to the outcome of the elections.


I have been receiving feedback and concerns from voters saying they like the convenience of the mail-in ballot process and they are afraid that I will get rid of the mail-in process. I completely agree, the mail-in process is more convenient, that is undeniable. Voters have the ability to sit down with their ballot, bring up the internet, and more fully vet the candidates and initiatives on the ballot and take their time filling out their ballot. That is one of the best arguments for keeping the mail-in ballot process. That being said, here are some issues with the process that I feel need to be addressed:

  1) The voter roll has to be cleaned up. The universal mail-in ballot process was implemented without sufficient clean up of the voter roll. Too many voters have complained of the numerous ballots they have been receiving at their home. If elected, this will be my number one objective to clean up the voter roll. I believe my experience in database technology gives me an advantage in being able to accomplish this task.

  2) If there is a domineering spouse in a home, the dominate spouse can make the other spouse, or child, vote in a certain way. If the votes are cast at a polling location, each individual has a better chance of voting their own conscience in a private setting.

  3) It gives a greater opportunity for ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing. Now there's no proof that this is happening, but neither is there proof that it isn't happening. It does though need to be looked at more closely to make sure it isn't happening. I believe the axiom of "Trust, but verify." It is the County Clerk's responsibility to verify the election process to the fullest degree possible so the voters can have full faith and trust in the process. I feel it is my responsibility to be skeptical so the voter does not have to be.

  4) Going from one day of voting to three weeks, I believe was too big of a leap. I would be happier with a shorter period of time to vote. In some instances, voters that voted at the beginning of the three weeks have regretted their choices as new information was discovered as it got closer to the final day of the elections. Voters cannot change their vote once it's cast and delivered to a drop off location. If the time period to vote were shortened, voters would have better information in order to make their decisions on who and what to vote for.

For these reasons, and others, I believe the most secure way to vote is in person on the same day and showing your ID to get a ballot. That being said, I understand that life seems to be a little more complicated than it was even just a decade aga, and it will likely get even more complicated in the future. So again, I agree that universal mail-in ballots gives the voters the freedom to look into each candidate and ballot initiatives more thoroughly and to make better decisions. And now that Utah has moved in that direction, it will be very difficult to get the voters to go back to in person voting. For this reason, if I am elected, I will make sure the voter roll and the voting processes are as clean as possible and that each vote is counted properly.

There are changes that I would like to see implemented to correct some of the issues that I listed above. I will try to have these changes made through the legislative process. In the meantime, I will administer the voting process as is mandated by state statute. I don't have the authority to change that. I only have the ability to petition the legislature to make adjustments to the process to make it more secure just as you do. So please join me in helping our election process be a secure as possible.

I hope this clarifies my position and alleviates any concern that I will be taking universal mail-in ballots away just because I want to. My mission is to make whatever system Utah uses to exercise our right to vote to be the most secure system as possible and to make sure your vote an everyone's vote is counted properly. I will not ask you as the voter to just trust me, I will verify to you that I have earned that trust through my actions as the Utah County Clerk.

Ranked Choice Voting

I believe arguments can be presented for Rank Choice Voting (RCV) as a legitimate voting process, but once any argument is presented, it can be dissected in a real situation and fall short of being a legitimate way of having a trustworthy outcome. It might possibly work with three candidate, but once it moves into 4 or more, the theory falls apart.

Here is a link to a study that was conducted on municipal elections using RCV in Utah County and in Moab: bit.ly/UtahRCVElections

Here is a link to an example of how the theory behind ranked choice voting falls apart when implemented in a real election: https://rumble.com/vquinc-why-ranked-choice-voting-rcv-is-a-bad-idea-a-pros-and-cons-approach.html

And here's a link to another study done in Alaska on the outcome of an RCV election: Link

I recently received another link to an analysis of an RCV election outcome in Genola, UT. Link.

Precinct Canvassing

After an election is held, if any precinct chair or vice-chair would like to conduct a canvass of the election in their precinct, I will be very open to providing the information needed in that effort. I will not give the excuse to just believe us that the election was handled properly. I will give you any information I am legally able to, to help you have confidence in the election process, because I want the same thing. I am your public servant and will not hold information from anyone that is legally entitled to it.

Vote Audits

I am completely in favor of vote audits and I want to audit the vote as much as possible. If it’s a matter of financing an audit, I believe there are enough capable and competent people who would be willing to volunteer their time and talents in conducting an audit. Of course, any person volunteering would need to be vetted in order to help, but the cost to conduct an audit could be minimized by the use of volunteers and monetary donations to conduct the audit process.

Other Issues

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Against Universal Marriage Licenses For All

One of the functions of the County Clerk’s office is to issue marriage licenses and certificates. Within the last two years, the clerk’s office developed an online portal to issue marriage licenses and perform marriages online without the individuals ever having to step foot in the clerk’s office or even in the state of Utah. Here the link to the FAQ’s on that process: https://www.utahcounty.gov/dept/clerkaud/PassMarr/RemoteAppearanceFAQ.asp

The issue I have with this process is the verification of the reason why the individuals would want to be married online rather than in  person and why they do not want to come to Utah to have this marriage performed. The process was developed because of the restrictions put in place during the pandemic lockdowns. Now that the lockdowns have been lifted, why is this process necessary any longer? I do not believe Utah County online marriage portal should become the Las Vegas “Little White Chapel” of the world. Marriage should be a sacred union between two people and treated as such. This online option devalues the union of a marriage and Utah County should not be the entity that facilitates the marginalization of marriage.

I would continue to allow people to use this portal, but only if they are getting married within the State of Utah.

GRAMA Friendly for Public Government Records

In the recent past, government entities are making it harder for the public to receive their request for records via GRAMA (Government Records Access and Management Act) requests. I am committing to complying with GRAMA requests for government records classified as “Public”. For records classified as “Private”, “Controlled”, and “Protected,” I will definitely follow the protocol as outlined in Title 63G, Chapter 2 of the Utah code, but I will not search for reasons to oppose the releasing of records to the public. Government was instituted to do the work for the public, not to oppose the will of the public, therefore, if the public has the right to the records, they should be able to receive the records with the least amount of resistance.

Push for Greater Public Comments in Open Meetings

During any county meeting that is classified as an “Open Meeting”, according to the Open and Public Meetings Act (OPMA), I will advocate for a longer period of public comment if the issues are such that the public comes out in larger than normal crowds. The government is here for the people and should take the time to listen to the people rather that highly limiting their input for the convenience of just getting through the process. I am committed to being a servant of the people, not the system.

Make PDF Documents on the County’s Website Searchable

Currently, documents posted on Utah County’s website for the public to view are image files and cannot be searched for a specific word. If someone what’s to find a specific topic or word in the document, they would have to read through the document to find the topic or word. These documents should be saved as searchable PDF files which would allow the public to search the document to find the information they are looking for with much more ease. I am committed to posting all documents moving forward as searchable PDF files and start the process of converting and posting past documents as searchable PDF files if the source documents are still available.


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